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AppIt Ventures
July 5, 2016

With the growth of any business, problems arise that call for innovative solutions. As you grow, there are some aspects of your company that need more attention. When your problem solving leads you to develop an app, you need professionals to help you with mobile application development. AppIt Ventures is a software development company based in Denver, Colorado. As a group of people who are passionate about mobile software development, we have created hundreds of unique apps for our customers.

Who Needs to Develop a Mobile App?

If you can dream it we can build it. As they say — there is an app for that! Businesses can use apps either internally to help their employees or externally for their clients. For example, consider a smartphone case manufacturer. Internally, they could use an app for a variety of purposes. Employees could ask for feedback from their co-workers, view the company calendar, view and manage employee benefits, and punch their time card. These are just a few ways employees could use a mobile app.

If the case company wanted to create an external app, their customers could use an app to create their own custom cases. They could pick their desired level of protection, customize colors, and add photos and text. They could use the app for ordering their custom cases and tracking its production and shipping. Perhaps customers could even view other people’s designs for inspiration.

These are just some examples of how one company could use a mobile app. Internally, an app might be able to help with team collaboration and logistics. Or perhaps a company like this would have an app for their customers to create customizations. Really, the sky is the limit when it comes to what an app can do for your company.

What Does the Development Process Look Like?

Our process at AppIt follows six steps. App development is a very collaborative process. We may have the software development technique, but you have the idea for the app. We want to create an app that is going to meet all of your needs.

Why Choose AppIt Ventures?

At AppIt Ventures, we are passionate about what we do. And because of our excellence and commitment to quality, we have attracted  many well-known companies and individuals as clients. We have created apps for Denver Broncos player Emmanuel Sanders, Seattle Fish Co., TenFive Productions, General Air, and many more. Our success has landed us on CBS, Fox 31, and 9 News. We have also been featured in Entrepreneur, The Denver Post, and the Denver Business Journal, to name just a few.

If you have an idea for a mobile application for your business and you need help fleshing it out, contact us today at AppIt Ventures. We want to help you turn your app idea into a reality.


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