Cottrell Trailers

Headquartered in Gainesville, GA Cottrell is strategically located in an impressive 335,000 square-foot facility on 140 acres. They are the industry leader in over-the-road car haulers and equipment.

Mobile App Development

What We Did

The new and advanced tracking capabilities from the mobile application protect Cottrell against legal issues that could arise if a user injured by improper use of the equipment claimed not to have been warned by the company. Additional services were added to help drivers find service locations, submit a warranty claim, and view the maintenance schedule.
The Cottrell Trailers app includes features such as the Owner’s Manual, Service Location Navigation, News, Videos, FAQ’s, Load Diagrams, and much more.


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Cottrell launched the mobile app to their customer base in late 2018 and received positive feedback. To continue to better serve its customers, Cottrell is looking to add additional, customer-requested features to the mobile app throughout 2019 and beyond.

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