Field Vision

FieldVision gives property owners, property managers, crew supervisors, field technicians, and field service providers a better way to manage workflows amongst all parties.

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The most important feature is the ability to record the details of the work completed, including GPS data and before/after photos, videos, and work notes.

What We Did

AppIt Ventures designed FieldVision so that the user could have a single place where they could upload and view images, videos, and descriptions of the work being completed. FieldVision can be used on most types of fieldwork such as ground maintenance, fence work, roofing, HVAC, janitorial, and snow removal just to name a few.
I would highly recommend AppIt Ventures to anyone looking for mobile application development. They have a great depth in all levels of their organization, from project management and graphic design to their excellent development staff


AppIt Ventures and FieldVision have designed a work order system app unlike any other currently available in the marketplace. The hard work and trust established between FieldVision and AppIt Ventures was what truly set this project apart and helped both organizations to bring a great product into the marketplace.
Clients can submit new work requests in the mobile app, and they can view the details of all work that has been completed for them.

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