Florence Crittenton

Florence Crittenton is a full-service Family Resource Center that includes an Early Childhood Education Center, Alethia E. Morgan MD Health Center, & the Florence Crittenton High School.

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One of Florence Crittenton’s main objectives is to help students through stages of success from stabilization to empowerment.

What We Did

For 125 years Florence Crittenton Services has helped teen families continue their education past high school in order to transition into college and eventually their career of choice. Florence Crittenton provides a service that encourages positive parenting, physical and mental health, and healthy relationships for mothers and their children. Florence Crittenton is a full-service Family Resource Center that includes an Early Childhood Education Center, Alethia E. Morgan MD Health Center, and the Florence Crittenton High School. AppIt Ventures selected Florence Crittenton as the winners of a $60,000 grant that provided assistance in developing a custom software application. Granting funds to Florence Crittenton Services for software development allows the organization to track key performance indicators (KPIs) for its services that improve long-term outcomes for teen families and gives staff members the ability to customize and adapt their services to fit the needs of each teen family they serve.
The Florence Crittenton app has made a huge and positive impact on the young men and women whom depend on us. We could not have been more happy with the end result.


AppIt Ventures created a comprehensive plan that encompassed the current and long-term vision of the software, and we adapted that scope to meet the existing budget for the first version. President and CEO of Florence Crittenton, Suzanne Banning stated, “AppIt Ventures understood our needs and limitations as a non-profit organization, and helped us develop an app that utilized or resources with maximum efficiency and effectiveness.” Our team at AppIt Ventures is extremely proud to have the opportunity to help Florence Crittenton facilitate communication between advocate and student though technology. Student Stephany stated, “I hope AppIt Ventures knows how much they are helping moms, dads and kids like me.”
The application needed to help identify and track risk factors for each teen mother and alert staff to critical needs.

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