Releasing a Mobile App – Using your own App Developers Account or Not

AppIt Ventures
August 7, 2018

Should you release your mobile app under your own App Developer Account or leverage your software developer’s App Developer Account?

When development on your mobile application is complete, you’ll have a couple of choices to make regarding the account under which it will be released: 1. Does your app require a standard or an enterprise account? 2. If it requires a standard account, should you create your own or have your custom software development company release your app under their account? While the answer to the first question is decidedly simple and straightforward, the answer to the second question is by no means one-size-fits-all. Rather, the best decision for you will depend on your business’s priorities.

Standard vs Enterprise Developer Account

As previously mentioned, this is a simple decision guided by whether your app is for public or private use. The next section is where things can become less clear. If your app is for private use, this will not pertain to you – by nature of your distribution needs, you’ll have to create your own enterprise account. On the other hand, if your app is for public use, your app development company will likely ask whether you want to release your app under your own account or under their account. Read on for information regarding the implications of that decision.

Releasing Your App Under Your Software Development Shop’s Account:

Releasing Your App Under Your Own Developer Account:

As you can see, the choice you’ll want to make is really dependent on the needs of your particular business. Hopefully this post helped demystify what can seem like an unimportant or inconsequential decision, but if you have further questions be sure to bring them up to your developer. Part of their job is to give you unbiased information and advice that will help your application succeed.

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